Rules and Regulations


• Parents are requested to see that their children reach school on time. School gate will be closed at 7:50am sharp.
• Parents are requested not to visit school to meet their children during class hours, except in case of urgent necessity for which prior permission must be obtained from the Principal.
• Parents are requested to ensure that in case of non-attendance of their ward, hey must inform the school authorities in writing the same day.
• Parents are requested to communicate the change in phone numbers and residential address (along with proper documents) to school.
• Parents are requested not to send their wards suffering from infectious diseases like conjunctivitis, chicken pox etc.
The school strictly forbids the following-
  • Mobile phones (once confiscated will be school’s property till March 31,  of the session.
  • Self-driven vehicles (once caught, action deemed fit will be initiated)
  • Bursting of crackers
  • Any material containing tobacco/ anti-social activity.
  • Foul language for anybody inside or outside the school
  • Throwing colors on peers
  • Stylish and colored hairstyles
  • Palms/ Nails designed and decorated
  • Valuable watches, jewelry items, video games, objectionable literature.
• Students will not be given permission to leave school during school hours
• Any damage to the school property, caused by negligence or deliberate mischief shall have to be compensated by the defaulter. The quantum of such damage shall be determined by the Principal for recovery of the loss.
• Students till class V can come in their casual dress on the day of their birthdays. Cakes and gifts are not allowed for distribution. Only toffees shall be distributed.
• Students having birthdays during holidays are supposed to celebrate it on the very next working day of the school.
• 75% attendance in academic session is compulsory. Parents must ensure that 75% attendance is mandatory for every student to be able to appear for the final examination.
• For issue of a duplicate I-card, Rs. 100/- will be charged.