House System.


Various Programmes for the students are organized from time to time to refine their life skills. At Swami Roop Chand Jain Sr. Sec. Public School, students participate in a well-established and effective house programmes. The house system fosters a sense of school spirit and assists with the development of qualities such as persistence, pride, loyalty and determination. The house structure creates an opportunity for students to become involved in the organizational aspects of the school. It enhances students connectivity to the school and promotes greater participation in co-curricular activities, in functioning and working of the school. The entire strength of the school has been divided into four houses with senior teachers as house incharges.
All the houses are actively involved in smooth and systematic functioning of the school. Each house remains on duty for one week and looks after.

1. Morning Assembly
2. Discipline
3. News & Current Information
4. Inter House Competition