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History of School

It is a great feeling to go down in school history, as one of the best terms, hopefully we can keep it going.

            Shri. Rajinderpal Jain, a great man who is very humbly laid this school’s foundation stone on May 9, 1983. In obeisance to Guru Roop Chand Ji Maharaj, 39 years back this school was started with the holly objective of imparting and spreading education with the blessings of Guru Dev. This school got affiliated with P.S.E.B. Mohali in 1988. The school which started with a building of 8 rooms only, has extended so vast (even now it includes Computer lab, Maths lab, English lab, Science labs etc.) Now, the school is successfully running up to XII class (SC, Com., Humanities) and showing very good board results.

With the guidance and instructions of Mam Trishla, as a principal. Our School’s education came to in progress and the divine blessings of Guru Ji from the very first year our school got good results. Inspire of that, from the very beginning our school started extra-curricular activities including Fun world (for students of Pre-Nursery and Nursery)

A school must impart balanced education i.e. material, cultural, moral and spiritual- all combined with one. Even this school did the same. Times have changed values have changed and in this Supersonic age of computers missiles and Space-rockets quality education is more relevant than ever before. But it needed to be channelized in the right direction, which can be given only by teaching media print and Audio-visual Aids and best part of our school is that it provides these aids in a positive manner.

So, by concluding, I would like to say that, may our school flourished by leaps and no bounds.

Our Management

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Jain


Mr. Dharampaul Jain


Mr. Vijay Kumar Jain


Mr. Gian Chand Jain

Life Member

Mr. Tarsem Chand Jain

Vice President(Life Member)

Mr. Varinder Kumar Jain

Life Member

Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain

Joint Secretary

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jain


Mr. Tarun Jain


Mr. Anish Jain


Mr. Bhupesh Kumar Jain


Mr. Pardeep Kumar Jain


Mr. Yogesh Jain